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Hey, it's Keimi!

Sorry, I really didn't mean to miss your call, but I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can, okay?

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From this point forward, this journal will be used for Cerealia.

Friends from Luceti, High Seas, and any other community or game, please unfollow this account.

Thank you.
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[Character] Keimi
[Canon] One Piece
[RP] [community profile] luceti
[AIM] stnowhere
[Timezone] GMT -5 (Eastern Time U.S.)
[Age] 18 19 20 (November 3rd)

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[The feed opens to a familiar tall blonde super soldier. She's wearing a bit more jewelry than usual, and her hair is tied back into two long pigtails. She smiles enthusiastically.]

Hi, everyone! Look!

[She leans down to her side, delicately picking up a glass of water, before taking a sip and setting it back down.]

I'm not breaking things anymore! Or... not as often as usual.

[She scratches the back of her head, chuckling awkwardly.]

I'm really getting used to Daisy-chin's body now. Maybe I'll be able to start making clothes again, soon!

((Responses will be coming from [personal profile] mjolmaid))
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[Okay, everyone. There's been a robbery. Someone important has lost something special, and when the stakes are this high, there is only one person you can call.

Detective Keimi.]

Hi everyone! Um... I know most of you heard it from him, but Daddy Smoker's jitte is still missing. It's a very special weapon from back home, and it means a lot to him.

So... if anyone has seen it, can you bring it to me? I won't even tell him if you took it, really...

[Because a stern look from a cute mermaid is a hundred times better than being pummeled to death by Smoker.]
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[Keimi is out and about today! After coming home drunk from the Christmas ball, she's spent a few days sleeping off a hangover and rolling about in the new bed Smoker built her. But now, it would probably be a good idea to pretend the rest of the world exists. There are projects to be done, and people to meet.

Early in the morning, she heads out to the barracks to practice her jitte. She's still a bit clumsy, even after all these months of training, but she's showing marked improvements in her style and stance. It feels good to her. The movement, the swing, it's empowering, like maybe she can close her eyes and be strong for a little while.

After practice, she cleans up and heads out to the river for her morning swim. She starts out slow, making sure to stretch muscles that weren't used in her practice. After a few minutes, however, she is slipping up and down the river at full speed. Walking through the woods, you may not notice anything except for a flash of green and pink, followed by a splash of water. There's nothing like swimming when it comes to staying in shape, right?

She'll spend the bulk of her day going back and forth between the smithy and the Battle Dome. She's got her own little pet project to work on. Something that's been in the back of her mind for a good long time. Her outfit is constantly changing with every trip. Some clothes are more conventional than others, and some look downright bulky and strange. At one point, she'll pause for a break in the Dome, playing with her journal.]

Is... there anyone here who has any experience making armor from... clothes? Maybe using magic, or a special technique. I'd really like to learn how to do it. It would really mean a lot for my label.

[She pauses for a moment, playing with the filters with a smile on her face. She'll never be particularly good at the more complicated parts of the journal, but something like this deserves an attempt.]

[Voice: Locked from Daisy 27%]

And... if anyone has an idea... I need a gift to surprise Daisy with, soon. Our, um... anniversary is on New Years.
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[Are you spending time near the river today? How about the beach? Need to go shopping and spending time near the fountain square? Well if you are, may notice the water acting a bit peculiar. The water might be flowing in the wrong direction, or splashing out with no provocation. Maybe a large cloud of mist just spewed up from nowhere? Either way, it's clear that there's something wrong with the water today.

However, if you're lucky enough, you might be able to find the reason for it all: off in the distance, rising from the water is the shape of a young woman, her body entirely composed of water.]
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[All throughout the day, anyone coming near house 33 will be greeted with a happy green-haired girl in a wheelchair outside, looking to promote her new clothing. She's very enthusiastic, and may even grab you off the street if it will get you inside for something custom made.

If you're coming in by yourself, expect to find Keimi buried under a pile of materials, working diligently to get all her orders done. She's been up all night working, so you may even find her fast asleep atop said pile. Sorry, she didn't mean to.]

[Video, night of the 25th]

...Well, I think I got just about all my orders done. So, if anyone hired me to make them clothes, it's all ready! You all can come by whenever you want. I'll try and be around~.
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[It has been a long, strange, and busy month for Keimi. So much has happened in the last few weeks, that trying to take it in all at once simply makes her head spin. She's beyond excited that she has finally gotten a job designing clothes, though her new master is a unicorn -- something she had never even heard of until she arrived. Still, if she can handle a crass starfish master back home, how different can a magical pony be?

Keimi is all over town today. She wakes up early, and heads out from the Straw Hat house towards the beach, a large pad of paper and a collection of colored pencils in her lap. She'll spend some time sitting in her wheel chair, sketching whatever comes to mind, before eventually going for a dip. Later, she can be found wandering the forest outside town, once again drawing whatever comes to mind as she travels. She tries to climb a tree, and fails miserably. From there, she quietly begins exploring the town-- something she hasn't done in ages. She'll go to the item shop, and the smithy, before spending the afternoon sitting on the edge of the fountain and watching people as they walk by on their daily routines. Finally, when her day is over, she'll quickly pop-in at Seventh Heaven for a meal and to check up on her friends, before heading back home. But not before she finds herself on the outskirts of town, laying in the grass and staring up at the stars, still sketching occasionally.

Sometime mid-afternoon, she'll stop between destinations to make a quick journal call.]

[Locked to Rainbow Dash: 70%]

Dash-chin? Are you free at all, today?

((So Keimi is pretty much everywhere and anywhere today. Feel free to catch her in the middle of doing any of this, or on her way to one of her destinations!))
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[Hello, Luceti. Have a sad-looking mermaid standing on the shore of the snowy beach. In the background, a pile of soaking plywood and bits of fabric and clothes have washed onto the shore, with more floating in on each crashing wave.]

...It looks like my house floated away.

[She sighs, holding in a sniffle.] ...Again.
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[Are you walking through the forest today? If so, you're in for a sight. High up in a tree, a certain green-haired mermaid is hanging, tangled up in its branches. Her body is scuffed and scraped and she has leaves in her hair. Every once in a while she'll struggle and groan, trying to free herself. Eventually, she'll switch over to her journal.]

Does... anyone know how to... um... get out of a tree?
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[Keimi's journal begins transmitting as a wave carries it onto shore. The feed continues on for a few minutes, showing nothing but the crashing waves lapping over the sand. However, eventually the water carries up something else. Reaching land, the form eventually reveals itself to be the journal's moss-haired owner. Her body squirms slowly, as if she was asleep, before turning to show off a human leg. The Malnosso have had their fun with her, for sure, but for those who witnessed her last human adventure, rest assured, she was at no risk of drowning, this time.

Eventually, her body stirs, her hands moving and pushing herself up off the warm ground, the sand covering her body giving way, exposing her nude form. She seems oblivious to this, for the moment, as she groggily checks her surroundings. Her eyes widen as she takes note of where she now is, her return to Luceti becoming apparent. She sighs, quietly, crawling a few feet before reaching over to her journal, shutting it.]

((Alright, guys! Keimi's back, and she's been experimented on pretty nicely. The Malnosso have been kind enough to give her the "Little Mermaid" package. She's been turned human again, but at the cost of her voice. She also has no knowledge of humans at all. All that CR you've had with her? Sorry. She has no idea who you are. I'm planning on the effects of this experiment to last about a week. So have fun, guys~.))
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[The video feed clicks on, showing a wide view of the bottom of the ocean. Keimi had meant to give a message today, but was unfortunately interrupted, having to drop her journal to flee for her life. Quick flashes of pink and green shoot past the monitor as the mermaid zips back and forth, doing what she can to dodge the group robots rapidly approaching her. She begins to slow herself to move around each robot individually. While her body movements are calm and smooth, the look on her terrified expression shows the exact opposite. Though she easily outclasses the machines in terms of speed, their sheer numbers eventually begin to overwhelm her, as she begins swimming away from one robot and into the arms of another. She lets out a horrified shriek as the machine wraps its arms around her, and as much as she struggles, she knows there is no getting away. Another machine grabs her by the tail and they begin to take her away.]

N-no! No! Let me go!
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[Hey Luceti, look who's up today. Keimi is sitting up in her bed at the Straw Hat house, having been laying down trying to rest for days, but it's been too long, and she's gotten stir crazy. After browsing the feeds for a few moments, she switches on her video recorder.]

H-hi everyone. I'm okay.

[Is that enough? For some reason, the words just aren't coming to her today. She knows that people want to talk to her, but for right now, she just... can't. She'll close the journal for a while. But that feeling comes scratching back at her. There's so much she has to say. People to talk to. But for now, she'll start with:]

S-Sokka-chin... I'm sorry, but the wheelchair is broken. Could you... maybe fix it for me?
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So after I met Orihime-chin and learned how to make one of her amazingly cute bookbags, we've decided to form the Luceti Village Sewing Club! Would anyone else like to join? Your skill level doesn't matter, just as long as you want to make something, we'd love to have you!

[Commercial over, she closes her journal for a while. After about twenty minutes or so, she clicks back on.]

...Oh! I almost forgot. I'm looking for someone named... Buffy Summers? Admir-- I mean, "someone who likes tacos", told me to ask for you.
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[This'll start out as a large amount of silence, maybe a bit of static. The feed will cut off every now and then. She doesn't know how to say this. All the emotions that have been forming in the pit of her stomach. It hurts, and she knows that it hurts everyone else. Still, she can't just sit at the bottom of the ocean and pout for the rest of eternity. She had her time to be upset, and now it was time to move on. Finally, after another long silence, she speaks.]

...I know that...everyone is sad right now. What the Moss-o's did was just...cruel, to play with our minds and our hearts like that. It...isn't something that anyone should ever feel. They made us into who they wanted us to be, and for a time, it worked. [She bites her lip.] But we made it through, right? We're still all friends, despite how we felt about each other during the experiment.

[She shifts her gaze away from the camera.] For everyone who was part of my family: thank you for your kindness and warmth. I know that how we saw each other wasn't true, but I still think the feelings we had were very real. I you all. The experiment was mean...but it also gave us stronger bonds with each other. M-maybe, when we all start cheering up, we'll see how much we really mean to each other. A-and I want everyone to cheer up. Soon.

...Please. [She'll tense up at that. She hasn't talked to many of her friends since the experiment. She wants them back.]

S-so...I was thinking that maybe... we could have a party? It's getting warm out, so how about here, at the beach? The Moss-o's wanted us to celebrate them, but how about now we celebrate each other? Our friendships, our...loves? We could have food and games and all kinds of stuff. It...would be a lot of fun, right? I mean...if you guys want.

...If anyone doesn't want to respond to this...I understand.
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[Anyone waking up in the Smoker household this morning will realize pretty quickly that Keimi isn't around. In fact, she ran off late last night. The dreams she's had the last couple of days have made her sick with fear and worry. She doesn't want to worry anyone, or make anyone mad by disappearing, but she just had to clear her head. She couldn't just lay in bed another night trying to process it all. Was this another Shift? So soon? The dreams were too similar, and far too realistic for it to be coincidence.

Anyone wandering around the village late last night will likely come across the green-haired girl. She's hastily dressed, hair a mess, and her eyes are red from crying. She'll be making her way to the beach, probably sleeping there as well.]

((Study sessions all day for me, guys. I'm going to be pretty slow to respond until tonight. Just a heads up.))
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So...if someone wanted to make a dinner that really impressed someone...what would it be?

[Anyone wandering around the forest will find their favorite green-haired girl gathering flowers in a couple baskets. She's humming and skipping everywhere she goes, and may occasionally stop to climb a tree. Feel free to stop her wherever.]
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